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 Name   Station   Year   Notes 
 Marv Albert   WOLF   1962  Marv spinning tunes at WOLF during his years as a student at Syracuse University from 1960-1963. 
 Bud Ballou   WOLF   1964  A popular personality at both WNDR and WOLF, Bud went on to work in Denver, Buffalo, and Boston. 
 Ron Bee   WOLF   1978  Part of the famed 'Rick & Ron' morning show 
 Don Bombard   WOLF   1969  Bombard joined WOLF in 1965 at the age of 17. 
 Charlie Brown   WOLF   1978  Charlie is WSEN's Jim Tate 
 Michael Carr   WFBL   1980  Weekends at 'Fire 14'. 
 Howie Castle   WOLF   1969  Castle came to WOLF fresh off the boat of Radio Caroline. 
 Howie Castle   WOLF   1972   
 Howie Castle   WOLF   1975   
 Rick Charles   WOLF   1976  Known as 'Your Nighttime Companion', Rick was with WOLF until 1981. 
 Rick Charles   WOLF   1979   
 Windy Craig   WOLF   1964  Afternoon drive 
 Jim Davis   WOLF   1966  Replaced Dale Dorman on nights. Davis also voiced WOLF's top-of-the-hour IDs in the early 1970's. 
 Tony Davis   WOLF   1979  A spring Saturday afternoon shift 
 Dale Dorman   WOLF   1965  Evening shift 
 Bob Elliot   WOLF   1978  Weekend announcer 
 Mike Frazer   WOLF   1978   
 Mark Fuller   WALY   1975   
 John Gabriel   WOLF   1976  Replaced Howie Castle on afternoon drive 
 John Gabriel   WOLF   1978   
 Rick Gary   WOLF   1978  Part the famed 'Rick & Ron' morning show 
 Bill Katchur   WOLF   1978  Overnights, replacing Paul Kelly 
 Chris Kaye   WOLF   1972  Known as 'The Sugar Bear', Chris left the station in 1973. 
 Peter King   WOLF   1978  Weekend shift 
 Ricky King   WTKO   1981  He eventually became Rick Sommers, but back 20+ years ago he got his start in Ithaca as Ricky King. 
 Dave Laird   WFBL   1980  Part of a 'Fire 14' sales demo, Laird was morning man and program director for the station. 
 Jeff Laurence   WOLF   1973  Halloween night broadcast, includes some classic Syracuse commercials and concert promos for the Grateful Dead and Alice Cooper. 
 Jack Lee   WFBL   1980  Overnights at 'Fire 14'. (WFBL sales demo tape) 
 Dave Mance   WOLF   1973  Overnights 
 Gary Martin   WOLF   1978  Weekend announcer 
 Pete McKay   WOLF   1974   
 Bob Mitchell   WOLF   1974  While still in high school at the time, Bob doing the night shift. 
 Jerry Morgan   WOLF   1969  Worked at WOLF from 1969 until 1971. 
 Jerry Morgan   WFBL   1980  Morning news anchor for 'Fire 14'. (WFBL sales demo tape) 
 Bob Murray   WOLF   1979  Overnights 
 Bob Paris   WOLF   1966  A Sunday evening shift 
 Todd Parker   WFBL   1980  'Fire 14' evening personality and narrator of WFBL sales demo tape. 
 Don Perry   WTLB   1975   
 Bob Reynolds   WOLF   1978   
 Bob Reynolds   WFBL   1980  Afternoon drive personality at 'Fire 14'. Known as Bob Brown since the mid 80's. (WFBL sales demo tape) 
 Cowboy Roy Rosen   WOLF   1974  North Carolina native spent a year at WOLF. 
 Don Rossi   WFBL   1980  Night personality at 'Fire 14'. (WFBL sales demo tape) 
 Tom Rush   WOLF   1979  Rush did evenings for about a month at WOLF. This was from his fist shift. 
 Jim Sims   WOLF   1966  Legendary Syracuse radio production talent and 19-year WOLF veteran. 
 Jim Sims   WOLF   1978  Jim was WOLF production director at this point. Jim was sitting in for Bob Reynolds. 
 Dick Snyder   WOLF   1962  Afternoon drive personality in the early 1960's. 
 Rob Stewart   WFBL   1980  'Fire 14' midday air personality and music director (WFBL sales demo tape) 
 Brother Vic   WOLF   1975  Replaced Jeff Laurence as evening personality. 
 Brother Vic   WOLF   1976   
 Ron White   WOLF   1970  His first night on WOLF, filling in for Les Howard. Ron later became Pete McKay. 
  WOLF Country Years   WOLF   1967  A sample of personalities of WOLF's shot at a country format. Includes Don Bombard, Jim O'Brien, and Jim Sims. 
 Andy Young   WOLF   1973   

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