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Trevor gives up reality TV quest
Trevor lets the reality cameras roll
Trevor gears up for reality TV
A radio-based reality TV show for Trevor?
Happy Holidays from 'On the Air'
Trevor gets into the holiday spirit
'All Holiday' music on Z98?
Trevor handles a request
Trevor wants a key to the building
The station gets a new mascot
Trevor: 'Mr. October'?
Sweeping the quarter hours
Live on location at Stillmans
Trevor gets a grammar lesson
Trevor welcomes the end of summer
The gang kicks back for the summer
Last call for the station clambake
No voicetracking for Trevor
'No more calls please'
The Z98-Jam-Rock-Fest-athon-Weekend
A consultant has some weather advice
Trevor gets a mention on
Dealing with frequent callers
Trevor's mother visits the studio
Keeping the listeners in the dark
Trevor's mother calls the request line
Matt the board operator calls Rush
Trevor gets some tax advice
Should Trevor get his own web site?
The station manager's April Fool's idea
In search of a good classic rock station
Trevor takes St. Patrick's Day requests
Dropping Dr. Laura for local sports
Jeff, Katie, and the Grammy accountants
Trevor remembers his college days
'Herb the Consultant' renames the station
Matt fills in at a sister station
Jeff and Katie remember George Harrison
Trevor and the request line
Lisa the receptionist answers the phone

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