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Latest Syracuse ratings offer good news for Citadel

Thursday, August 05, 2004

SYRACUSE -- How can a station lose nearly two ratings points and still be three full points ahead of the its nearest competitor? It's easy if you're B104.7 (WBBS).

While the long-running ratings champ is still safe, the battle for place and show in Syracuse continues.

In numbers released yesterday by Arbitron for the spring ratings period, Citadel Communications' 95X (WAQX) made a major move upward from sixth to third place with a 2.2 jump. That puts them just behind sister station 93Q (WNTQ) which is in second place.

The news was mixed for Galaxy Communications with upward movement in both rank and ratings points for TK 99/105 (WTKW/WTKV) and K-Rock (WKRL/WKLL), while their other stations slipped slightly.

Buckley Broadcasting also saw mixed results. While Oldies 92.1 is now behind Y94-FM (WYYY) and TK-99/105, TalkRadio 1390 (WFBL), which within the last year switched from 1050 AM to 1390 AM, saw some growth in its audience share.

And while Clear Channel Communications still holds four of the top six spots in the Syracuse ratings, Hot 107-9 (WWHT) and 570 WSYR both slipped in the rankings.

Numbers are for listeners 12+ in all time periods and are not necessarily indicative of rankings in key sales demographics.

Story source: Radio & Records


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