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Is musical ignorance the norm for Syracuse radio?

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Citing the wording in an article in last week's Syracuse New Times about Jeff Healey's performance at 95X-Fest, Chuck Egan of Syracuse slams the writer for his offensive tone and/or ignorance about Healey. He takes a shot at local Syracuse radio stations as well...

The text of Egan's letter appearing in this week's New Times:

Eye Carumba!

I don't know how many people will find humor in 'X Marks the Spot,' J.P. Slaski's May 29 Idle Chatter review of the Memorial Day weekend's 95X-Fest at the State Fairgrounds. His comment about Canadian guitarist Jeff Healey playing great "even with his eyes closed" might be taken as offensive considering the artist is actually blind. Or perhaps it is due to your writer being ignorant, in which case maybe he could work for some of the other local radio stations, where musical ignorance is the norm.

- Chuck Egan

Click here External site for the complete Syracuse New Times article.

Story source: Syracuse New Times


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