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From the Archives

CNY Radio Goes Retro

It's been just over a decade since the original CNY Radio website went on hiatus. And while a lot of the news content was migrated to the newer, current version of the site, some features were left to die in the Internet graveyard.

But, like the walking dead, it's back!

The CNY Radio Archie is a snapshot in time containing a rich history of Central New York radio from the years 2001-2005. It includes over 900 news articles, 160 'Pictures of the Week', Arbitron ratings, the complete On the Air comic strip series, and so much more.

Enjoy the look back in time...

Bryan Rubenau
(Scott Jameson)


CNY Radio In-depth
WFBL: An 80-year Retrospective

From its brand new $20,000 studio high atop the Onondaga Hotel, WFBL's debut in 1924 marked the beginning of a new era for Syracuse. In the 80 years since then, the station, as well as the market, have gone through a myriad of changes, but through it all, WFBL has managed to survive.

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Syracuse Community Radio: Rock 'N' Roll and so much more

It's 9:30 on a Sunday night. Dana Bonn and Carl Cafarelli have wedged themselves and their boxes of CDs into the tight, closet-like confines of the main studio of WXXE, Syracuse's community radio station. They're a half an hour into their weekly three-hour show, This is Rock 'N' Roll Radio.

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This week on CNY Radio:
Picture of the week

WHEN's Jay Flannery and Joe Gallagher (1980)

"On the Air" comic strip...
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Trevor gives up reality TV quest

Krantz to head Air America
Spitzer investigating "Smackfest"
CC rolls out online concert series
Stern planning farewell tour
Stern, Clear Channel come to terms

He's never paid full retail for a pair of shoes, and his dream vacation is driving around Vermont eating in cheap diners.

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